The Story of a Mother

Installation, 2012

An elongated room, one of the end walls is covered with mirrors, the opposite is painted white with the word “mother” written in numerous languages, mirrored, so that it is reversed to be read correct in the mirror wall. Between the walls there is a large bed like iron construction, two vertical grids as gables and a horizontal grid as a bed. On the bed lies a child-like gilded ceramic figure. On the floor under the baby there is a circular black granite plate. A breast pump from the 40’s is placed on the plate along with a small bowl of ether, an equilateral cube made of plaster and a randomly formed lump of plaster. Next to it, a bottle of ether. An operation lamp is placed vertically on the mirror wall. In the middle of the wall of words, there is a small window so you can look into the room. Hanging from the ceiling over the iron construction, is an oval vaulted shell of plaster.


Plaster, iron, gold-plated ceramic, granite plate, ceramic bowl, ether, breast pump, headlight, mirror, text


435 x 695 x 470 cm


© Stine Heger