Tumblings on the way of Life

Art in the shared space, 2010–2014

The placement is by the house facade away from the corner, facing Kalkbrænderivej, over where the hedge makes a turn a small square is formed next to the street - here the final project proposal has been developed. By the corner one would hold still for periods at a time at the traffic lights. Here along the Kalkbrænderivej facade you pass, you drive by. The sculpture serves as a »passage«, a row, so that you visually from when you see the first sculpture, have time to observe / experience / perceive the sculptures, a sculptures time.

As the row should relate to the idea, there are four figures depicting childhood, youth, manhood/womanhood, and old age respectively, covering almost 20 meters. Including plinths, the figures are 7 meters tall. All four plinths are conic and 2 meter in diameter at ground level, the plinth for childhood is tallest, 225 cm; youth 200 cm tall; manhood/womanhood 175 cm tall and old age 150 cm tall. The plinths are made by polished dark gray granite. The figures are formed as toddlers and leans at an angle of 10 degrees vertically.

Childhood eastward - the sun is rising; youth southward – life is nothing but lust; manhood/womanhood northward – the serious- ness of life is a reality; old age westward - the sun goes down.

The childhood figure is in polished stainless steel, the child’s mind receives and reflects the world openly without reservation. The youth figure is in German silver, a personality is developed, one is formed and becomes a bit tarnished. The manhood/womanhood is in patinated bronze, the seriousness of life is a reality, work and children. The old age figure is in casted iron, the core of the earth, life experience, gravity, the body “corrodes”.

The different ages of the figures wear signs, symbols, objects that immediately refer to the specific character of the generation. On all the figures, the arms are positioned concavely into the figure and are gilded.
The heads are in casted glass, illuminated from within at night, and the tops are made by stainless steel in different colors.

The figures are identical towards Kalkbrænderivej and the PFA building, a good vision for both the employees and the pas- ser-bys. It is a sculptural tale in forms, materials, signs, symbols and colours about the life cycle until old age and retirement.

The four Tumlinger, in alpaca, bronze, cast iron and stainless steel have all been cast in China and Italy respectively. The stainless steel tops are coated in four colours and the glass heads have been produced in China.


Granite, cast iron, alpacca, bronze, stainless steel, cast glass, coated stainless steel, gilding, light


650 x 2000 x 250 cm


PFA Pension, Nordhavn Station, Copenhagen

Commissioned by

PFA Pension


Kangsi Art v/Kang You Tang: Jern, rustfrit stål og bronze glas, Fonderia Mariani: forgyldning, Stenhugger Flemming Brian Nielsen: plinths, Klingsey: light, Brdr. Funder: stucco worker, Troelsgaard Thygesen: cran og installation, architect: Jesper Holm


© Stine Heger