Church of the holy Ghost in Flensburg

Art in the shared space, 2009–2013

Four years ago I received a request by the Church of the Holy Ghost in Flensburg passed on by Christine and Claus Hartung. 

The church, dating back to 1386, was in 1997 turned over to the Danish Church in Southern Schleswig. The northern side of the church is covered by a side building making this part of the church rather dark. The task consisted of lighting up this part of the church space using motives from the Bible representing the Holy Ghost. This has resulted in glass mosaics in the windows illuminated by reflected LED lights from a gilded sheet, and in the door niche a bronze portal, where the reverse side can be seen in a mirror.

The glass mosaics represents the Annunciation, The Baptism, The Res- urrected Jesus. The portal towards the church illustrates the Tower of Ba- bel and towards the mirror: the Pentecost. Glass worker Per Hebsgaard, metal worker Thor Christensen, bronze founder Fonderia Mariani, lights Yossi and Klingsey. Sponsored by Den A.P. Møllerske Støttefond.


Gilt bronze, stained glass


Church of the holy Ghost, Flensburg, Germany

Commissioned by

Church of the holy Ghost, Flensburg, Germany


Glasmester Per Hebsgaards, bronzestøber Brdr.Funder, stukkatører Klingsey og Ligro, lys Thor Christensen og smed Hans Christensen


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