Untergang des Abendlandes? (The Downfall of the Occident?)

Happening, 14 Jun 2012

We live in strange times. Those financial acrobats, who have juggled with our financial system as if it were an isolated galaxy with its own laws of nature, have brought the real world, in which the rest of us live, to the brink of collapse.

These individuals and financial conglomerates have, for two decades with political support, squandered our values and thus brought our Western, democratic, liberal, welfare society into a crisis of unprecedented di- mensions. Not since modernism’s second great utopian experiment, the Soviet state, collapsed, has an ethical and aesthetic set of values lost influence and legitimacy in the international community so quickly.

Under these financial gurus’ unlikely selfish, greedy, unscrupulous, unethical and, in particular, unaesthetic priesthood, they have succeeded in getting the financial sector to grow to a monstrosity, rather than it being the catalyst that would disseminate real and intellectual services between companies, institutions and citizens (the financial world in a serving, humble role for the better of everyone). 

Instead we have ended up in a reality where it is no longer the earths’ resources, our ethical values and norms, our art and science or our productive enterprises that are the main thing. Instead it is the financial system’s inherent accelerating, self reinforcing, psychotic accumulation of increasingly nominal values without any connection with the actual conditions in the iron industry.

It is a financial core meltdown that has run amok.


The people’s meeting on Bornholm (Folkemødet), Gæstgiveren, Bornholm