Møenlight Sonata – A homage to the starry sky of Møn, Kunsthal 44Møen, Møn, Denmark

3 June – 9 Sep 2018

"To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Kunsthal 44Møen has put together a special constellation of stars under the lyric name "Møenlight Sonata", alluding to Beethoven's 14th sonata for piano, which he also referred to "quasi una fantasia". ... "

Invitation card
The Last Bee, 2018, 32,5 x 28 x 4 cm
Opening at Kunsthal 44Møen, 2 Jun 2016
Opening at Kunsthal 44Møen, 2 Jun 2016
Andreas Führer (Institut Funder Bakke) and Søren Aagaard (YEARS) in a conversation with Bjørn Nørgaard about artist driven exhibition spaces, 28 Jul 2018. Photo © Thomas Gunnar Bagge