The Free Academy, 19 Jun 2012

For incredibly small amounts of money, visual art has throughout time delivered criticism, new formations, new visual understandings and maintained quality as the primary and quantity as the secondary.

The artistic research appears everywhere in our society and forms the innovative basis, from which new values and products emerge.

Market control, top-down control, direct political control, control, administration and bureaucracy has eroded academic freedom and artistic freedom.

Those who have made all the mistakes, the financial acrobats, are rewarded with millions of the taxpayer’s money. The artists who are supposed to bring us forward, through the critical potential of artistic creation, are cut ruthlessly. Especially the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts suffered: A school of painting, 1/5 of the teaching staff, two workshops and the sculptor school premises at Frederikholms kanal, were cut last year.

This means that society stiffens in materialism. Market and money must be our servants, not our masters. They should be society’s catalyst for the real, the valueproducing disciplines and the companies that bear production.

Making money on money erodes community resources.

Politicians must set the critical value producing disciplines and their institutions free.

On June 19th, 2012 for a day, we set up The Free Acadeemy in The Big Studio in Frederikholms kanal 28 B, to produce a newspaper / pamphlet / Address with the following simple headline:

Proposal for today’s topics, everyone is welcome to continue the list:

Does society need art
Does art need an academy
Does the Academy need a space
Does the Academy need its tradition
Does art need its history
Does art need a new critical business covering the new global art scene
Does art need a new category
Does art still hold significance as an independent physical mode of perception through our senses
Does art need modernisms autonomy
Does the concept of avant-garde still hold meaning in the 21st century
Does ... ?

To be continued on Sunday June 19th 2012 from 10.00 till ?, All who are passionate about art, life and love are welcome. A number of guest editors will participate in the discussion during the day, proposals to editors welcome.

At the end of the day, we will serve organic goats sausages from Stenalt and beer etc.

Committee for the future of Frederiksholms kanal’s sculpture school.