Bjørn Nørgaard. Recycling Art, Horsens Kunstmuseum, Horsens, Denmark, 27 Mar – 1 Aug 2010
Bjørn Nørgaard. Recycling Art, Horsens Kunstmuseum, Horsens, Denmark, 27 Mar – 1 Aug 2010
Bjørn Nørgaard. Recycling Art, Horsens Kunstmuseum, Horsens, Denmark, 27 Mar – 1 Aug 2010 (detail)
Bjørn Nørgaard. Recycling Art, Horsens Kunstmuseum, Horsens, Denmark, 27 Mar – 1 Aug 2010 (detail)

Ornamental Shelves (From my Father's Book Collection)

Sculpture, 2010

40 teser:

  1. The Architect shall build with the body not with the computer.
  2. You shall not build what you can’t model.
  3. You shall not build higher than a healthy person can walk all the way to the top floor.
  4. A building with only short lived benefits shall not be build.
  5. A good city plan can carry several bad houses, one good house can’t carry a bad plan.
  6. Architects that forsake the craft and ignore traditional materials, are flies in the net of the industry.
  7. Architecture without spirit is like a human without love.
  8. To draw with the hand is to build with the body.
  9. Houses are the most widespread kind of monuments.
  10. What is a home without a house.
  11. Ornamentation in architecture is a way to organise the height, width and depth of the facade and the room.
  12. The ornaments rhythm puts man in perspective to the architecture.
  13. There is always a house around the corner.
  14. Organic organization is humane architecture.
  15. From humanistic functionalism to market functionalism.
  16. A mill on the roof is worse then ten mills on the sea.
  17. Event doors up and high tech uprights down.
  18. Make fantasy high and architecture wide - give Denmark a law of architecture.
  19. Architecture is an art form.
  20. Shed-scaffold-revetment.
  21. Form-sculpture-structure-architecture.
  22. Man-place-mass-height/length/depth-function-materiality-economy-architecture is the ethical/aesthetic answer.
  23. We believe in good craftsmanship, its special qualities, beauty and durability.
  24. We believe that construction based on good craftsmanship, will give man and body the maximum spatial climatic and environmental conditions.
  25. We believe in good craftsmanship as the long story in houses and objects through millennia that is bound together into one long ornament from one person to another.
  26. We believe that good craftsmanship can develop the on mans most optimal talents and abilities, since craftsmanship more than anything other builds on the individuals talent and skill. 
  27. We believe in good craftsmanship as it is, that can get the best from tradition that can get the best from the modern to unite into new surprising correlations and hence new bids for the future. 
  28. We believe that good craftsmanship in combination with the best from the new technology can create bigger and more beautiful architecture and there by a more beautiful society. 
  29. We swear allegiance to good craftsmanship, and promise each other, through good cooperation to let that be the foundation in all of our work on Bispebjerg Hill.
  30. An architect shall think with the body.
  31. You must build a city as taking a walk in the forrest, and we shall be the wild animals. 
  32. Event architecture is the road to hell - high tech entrance prayer.
  33. Today we don’t even have gold bars to stack under the platform, it’s all hot air.
  34. In the holy Roman church sex is a sin, in the holy secular modernism the ornament is a sin. Let us sin.
  35. Maybe you get a call from me - if I needed someone.
  36. Utopia is a dream - what about Atypia?
  37. From earth you’re come to architecture you shall be, motor and baked bricks.
  38. The imaginary Jerusalem, the transparent architecture, the transcendental thought, is the static principal, without the tower leans.
  39. In craftsmanship every square inch is touched by human hand, in industry evert square inch is calculated by the bookkeeper.
  40. Love is the biggest architect. 

Recycling Art, Horsens Art Museum, Horsens, Denmark, 2010, Bjørn Nørgaard: Remodelling the World again again again, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2014


MDF-selves, plaster, flour, salt, sand stone, glass, mirror, metal grid, blue cloth, red roses, books, sirup, brown sugar, coffee cups, wooden sticks


Height 700 cm


Peter Lassen, Montana Furniture A/S


© Svend Pedersen