New Image of the Era, Jingdezhen Taoxichuan Art Gallery, Jingdezhen, China

19 Dec 2019 – 20 Feb 2020

"Public Sculpture International Exhibition Call for Designs

The exhibition is themed on New Image of the Era. It is committed to further promoting and spreading the traditional culture of the millennium porcelain capital in combination with the new pattern of current urban and cultural development of Jingdezhen, demonstrating its unique charm — a city of art, a city of culture, a city of innovation and a liveable city through novel art form and content, accelerating its development of urban public space art, further enhancing its urban cultural taste, striving to create a collection of fine public sculptures that express the spirit of innovation, highlight history and culture and represent the characteristics of the era, and making them a distinctive symbol for Jingdezhen in the new era. ..."

Poster for the exhibition
Visualization of Mrs. Yang & Mr. Yang to Jingdezhen. Height 5 m.
Scale model of Mrs. Yang & Mr. Yang
Installation view