Foto: Anders Sune Berg
Foto: Anders Sune Berg
Foto: Anders Sune Berg

Gulv til Vinhanen 1

Kunst i det fælles rum, Arkitektur og design /

Julia, Jacob and Mette called me up, they had rented a place and wanted to make a wine bar where you could bring your own bottle and have it filled. Superflex and Thomas (FOS) were already hired to make lamps, furniture and a staircase, and they asked if I would do the floor. This turned into a cooperation with the architect Tania Sonnenfeld and Christian from Petersen Tegl creating a floor made of his Kolumba stones in sevens colours. Seeing the floor at the actual site is strongly recommended, there is good food and wine, a beautiful place and fine people.

Tegl, kolumba-sten
50 m2
Vinhanen 1, Nørrebro, København
Petersen Tegl, Tania Sonnenfeld
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